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Stop! In the name of the Law! by kenumi Stop! In the name of the Law! :iconkenumi:kenumi 5 4
Mature content
My Business, Your Pleasure :iconkenumi:kenumi 2 4
Mature content
Aftermath By Fuuko no Miko/Kenumi :iconkenumi:kenumi 5 0
What a fox! by kenumi What a fox! :iconkenumi:kenumi 4 0 I Can Be Your Heero by kenumi I Can Be Your Heero :iconkenumi:kenumi 0 0 Gundam It! by kenumi Gundam It! :iconkenumi:kenumi 5 2 Ah Aoshi-sama! by kenumi Ah Aoshi-sama! :iconkenumi:kenumi 3 0
Redemption part 3 Atonement
A spinoff of In His Shoes
By Fuuko no Miko aka Kenumi
Part 3
Author notes:
This was originally inserted in the third installment of "In His Shoes" but since I owe Tygra one…
Tygra: Yes you do! You owe me big time.
As I was saying, eherm, since I owe the snarky prince one, I spun it off into an entire story. Hopefully it isn't going to take more than one chapter.
Tygra: And don't forget my scenes with Cheetara.
Goodness! Aren't you demanding? You're not even sure she's going to be in this one!
Tygra: Of course she will be. Like you've said before, she's in all your stories.
Anywho…I own nothing of Thundercats or any of its original characters. That honor and privilege belongs to the good folks at WB who I hope finally give us dang season 2.
It was one of those days that rarely came, but did. The torrential rain had been its precedent, now a dense fog covered most of Thundera.
:iconkenumi:kenumi 3 5
Redemption Chapter 2
Chapter 2
By Fuuko no Miko
Author notes:
Apologies for the delay, but real life gets in the way of the world where we wished we sometimes existed.
After watching the heart-wrenching episode 17…which I think should have been 2 episodes…it inspired me to kickstart this fic more.
Thank you to all who have read and reviewed chapter 1. That got a little too long…this might be one too. But as long as you are enjoying, it is all that matters.
This is an AU where the Tygra we know is non-existent. Nor is Lion-O. A prequel to In His Shoes and this chapter will contain excerpts from there, hopefully to guide those who can't read the adult material.
Here goes….
A dark, hooded figure stood over the precipice, his eyes sweeping the vision below him. An army, bigger than anything he had ever seen in his life armed with the most advanced, most dangerous weapons his eyes have ever laid witness to. Laser guns, shields forged from metals h
:iconkenumi:kenumi 4 6
So Into You by kenumi
Mature content
So Into You :iconkenumi:kenumi 4 9
Irresistable by kenumi
Mature content
Irresistable :iconkenumi:kenumi 1 2
Addicted by kenumi
Mature content
Addicted :iconkenumi:kenumi 1 2
Mature content
Forbidden Interlude :iconkenumi:kenumi 18 26
That was supposed to be an oyster by kenumi
Mature content
That was supposed to be an oyster :iconkenumi:kenumi 3 10
A Spinoff of In His Shoes
Part 1
A Descent Into Darkness
Author Notes:
First, for all the copyright folks out there, I OWN NOTHING of the Thundercats, its fandom, or its characters. They are the babies of WB etcetera etcetera. Please don't sue me, I can't afford lawyers and I have horrible bills I have to deal with.
As you see, this should've made its way out to fanfic world about a month ago. But like some authors I was stuck….
Then there was the atrocity that was episode 14. Yes that was NOT helpful. Episode 15 redeemed it some. Then real life gets in the way and you're really in trouble.
For those who are not familiar with In His Shoes, you can access it through my profile. It's rated M, so please be warned it gets a little…no A LOT graphic. If you are below 18, just PM me and I will tell you what the premise of IHS is, sans the censored part.
This takes place in an alternative world so this Lion-O is not the king you know. Fair warning for Lion-O worshi
:iconkenumi:kenumi 10 7
I Love You by kenumi I Love You :iconkenumi:kenumi 19 17

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aka Fuuko no Miko
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
You might not believe what I actually do in real life when you find out. ;)
  • Listening to: Law begging for mercy
  • Reading: One Piece smut
  • Watching: Trafalgar Law take his clothes off, hey!
  • Playing: with Law's sanity, the poor schmuck
  • Eating: The way my mind is now, you wouldn't want to
  • Drinking: Water (OMG a normal answer)
I came across this on Tumblr...yes I have a tumblr account but I'm still trying to figure out how to use it, LOL :blush: . So even if you go there you won't see much other than a bunch of re-blogs. :giggle: Mostly filled with my favorite ships. Anyway, I got tagged of sorts with this....and I wasn't sure how to do it on Tumblr in response to the original post so I'm doing it here. Here goes.

Hello my amazing follower! When you get this you have to share 5 random facts about yourself (mun and/or muse). Then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers.

Here's mine:
1. I am a smuthead. I'm like that in real life and online. A very unrepentant one. I used to hide it because I had a strict upbringing where all that is absolute taboo. :hump:
2. I also have a sweet tooth. I can think of all sorts of things to do with chocolate, cake and ice cream. See number 1. :drool:
3. When you meet me in person (and God forbid you do), you will not believe numbers 1 and 2. :omg:
4. I've come to the conclusion that I can be very cold, callous and unsympathetic. The world has a way of twisting your thoughts around. :mwahaha:
5. I was a multi-awarded essay writing champion in my youth. I had more trophies and medals than you can shake a stick at. Don't ask me what happened after. :lmao:


:iconone-piece-cosplay: :iconthelawlove: :iconthesurgeonofdeath: :icon11-supernovas:


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